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We are your air conditioning experts offering excellent quality of service. If you need maintenance, repair, replacement, new construction or remodelling, we are your one stop destination. Our quality products and professional staff help people create a more comfortable, healthier living environment at home or at work.

Compressor Overhauling

Based on our long multi-brand experience, we can give you the most cost-effective and reliable solution for the overhauling, reconditioning or retrofit of your compressor. This covers full inspection and overview of your compressor with technical report of the best and most economical solution. Compressor overhauling or reconditioning, testing, installation, compressor exchange, Retrofitting. Open and semi-hermetic compressors of all major brands like Trane, Carrier, York, Copeland etc. Overhauls -involving inspection of critical components and tolerances and replacement of standard wear components.

Periodic Preventive Maintenance

Depending upon the type of equipment, each periodic preventive Maintenance (PPM) visit will include undertaking of multiple tasks. Designed to ensure a holistic maintenance approach,PPM visits protect your equipment and prolong their services and enhance them.

Corrective Maintenance

The corrective maintenance may be of routine or emergency nature. While all the routine repair jobs shall be scheduled in our normal daily plan that are executed during normal working hours, all emergency calls would be responded on priority basis. It is understood that the need for an emergency service call would arise in case a piece of equipment encounters a sudden failure. We fully cover all labor and transportation required to carry out any corrective maintenance throughout the phase.

Duct cleaning

With a European air ducts cleaning equipment; we clean all type of ducts with international standards and recent technologies. We clean and suction the dust in order to ensure the air purity and reduce exposure to bronchitis and breath problems. Air duct cleaning is also necessary and required for many high-quality hospitals and laboratories.

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