About Sheraa Co.

One of the first air conditioning and energy service providers in Saudi Arabia since 1986

Eng. Khalid Al - Abd Al - Karim


Since Al Shera’a Company was founded in 1986, we are doing our best to uspport our postion in the field of design, implementation and maintenance of air conditioning and (HVAC) systems. This is what makes us one of the best and largest air conditioning companies in K.S.A. We have three basic rules in Al Sheraa Company, the efficiency of workers, quality of work and materials, and customer satisfaction, based on a solid base of management and financial.

Experience for more than 30 years

Engaging in the contracting and servicing business is not an easy venture and it becomes much more challenging in the field of air conditioning, that challenge becomes even harder when you provide your services in a harsh climate such as in Saudi Arabia.

We have taken this challenge in 1986 and since then we have been successful in every year and turn of the business. Our growth had been steady, our client base is expanding and our success had been noticed by our clients, suppliers and even competitors.

Our success is clearly obvious in terms of our human resources, technology, logistics and infrastructures. And our ongoing challenge will always be to maintain our position on top and be a role model to our competitors to better serve this industry.

Manufacturing, installing and cleaning air ducts for HVAC systems.

Routine, corrective and preventive maintenance of air conditioning systems for homes and commercial projects.

Supply, design and automation of HVAC systems.

Dedicated team

The quality of our service dictates that we benefit from the best of our field in terms of human resources, supporting facilities and logistics. We are very selective in hiring our workforce. Not only employ qualified staff, but we also spend a great deal of time and resources in enhancing their skills. As a result, we have a long-term relationship with our employees and their dedication to customer needs is unique. We have an integrated technical support team consisting of senior engineers in all electrical, mechanical and design disciplines. We also have an integrated facility for repairing and manufacturing air ducts. It covers an area of ​​4500 square meters.

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