Sheraa for air-conditioning and energy

One of the first air conditioning and energy service providers in Saudi Arabia since 1986

Our services

Since our start in 1986, our mission has been to meet our customers needs by designing, implementing, and providing maintenance services for HVAC systems

Design and Installation

Sheraa team of engineers believe in hard work and will do everyting they can to find the perfect customized fit for your needs.  

HVAC Maintenance

Your access to the top team of HVAC technicians in the region, providing you with the best materials and latest technology.


It took from us years of hard working to earn comfort message, and to be among the known names in the industry by providing high quality services and relevant expertise.

Our capabilities include the implementation of turnkey projects by any size, we have been earning the trust of our customers through their recommendations and provide good-stated level of service in all areas of air conditioning systems.






HVAC One-stop services

We guarantee your satisfaction with our services